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SMS321 is a leading Bulk SMS service provider across Globe. We not only provide SMS solutions but also various tools to create your own SMS related software’s. We provide various tools for your expansion of your SMS business:

Third Panel Services

Someone other than the principals/ corpora who are involved in order to become the member of the venture on contractual basis comes under Third panel contributors. To bestow this position a series of steps are to be carried out with the objective of accomplishing that position. There are three pathways to connect with SMS321 as a contributor.

Partner Program for India

As of utility the partner program will help you connect with us as an associate in the sphere of common interest. Say an authorization or a statutory right will be given to establish the business and sell or distribute sms solutions in a particular area. A cooperative relationship involving mutual dealings will be agreed upon to share responsibility for achieving specific goal of growing in the mobile market by the name of SMS321.

Admin panel Rental Program in India

Admin panel particularly grant the user access over the complete panel. Here payment is made by the tenant to an owner for use of this service. You can do several important tasks like manage client, manage route, track reports, check route health and you can create your own security etc.

SMPP to a Account

We will configure any SMPP account from any one in your account. By this you can use any SMPP connection or gateway in the same sms panel or Interface.

Why Needed:-

You found some very good sms service provider in terms of quality but you don’t like the panel provided by them and at the same time you want to use our User friendly panel.

What we need:-

We need your SMPP connection details and we will configure that SMPP in our User friendly sms panel.