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  • LongCode Plans

  • Tenure
  • Shared Longcode
  • Dedicated Longcode
  • Maintainance
  • Silver

  • Silver

  • 1 Month
  • Rs.500/10,000
  • Rs.5,000/25,000
  • yes
  • Gold

  • Gold

  • 3 Month
  • Rs.1,500/30,000
  • Rs.15,000/75,000
  • yes
  • Platinum

  • Platinum

  • 6 Month
  • Rs.2,500/60,000
  • Rs.2,500/60,000
  • yes
  • Diamond

  • Diamond

  • 1 Year
  • Rs.5,000/1,20,000
  • Rs.5,000/1,20,000
  • yes


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Bulk SMS API in India - CLICK to OPEN

SMS API in India

SMS321 provides Bulk SMS API in India with the most user friendly code-based specifications. These are proposed such that they allow integrating SMS321 SMS services into your own application for better control and functionality required by you.

We aim to include the best and the latest technologies and services, by that means, there after creating a consortium of benefits to create a joyous arena, in the new boundary-free global economy. Our outstanding technical team helps us to integrate API with our own custom made Software into your application.

Integrating API in India

  • With your webpage enables your website visitors directly connect to your Call Center/Office
  • With your billing software enables you to send a gratitude SMS after their buy
  • With your payroll software enables you to inform salary credit intimation through SMS
  • With your server enables you to inform critical system warnings or error in servers
  • Enjoy SMS321 SMS API integration to send bulk sms in India; marked by ease & custom friendliness.